Alaska's Winter King Salmon Derby
Winter King Salmon Derby Head Quarters
250 Boats   850 Anglers   75 Fish Caught
And We Lucked Out With 2
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The Holiday Five
Places Twice In The Winter King Salmon Derby

The 07 Winter King Salmon Tournament will be one of my most memorable Fishing experiences.  I have Fished the derby before but this was my first time that I got to captain it in my own boat.  Getting ready is half of the thrill of going Fishing.  I started in February.  Even with all the preparation I wasn't sure if I was qualified to enter the derby.  The 4 of us singed up on The Holiday Five and actually caught 2 Fish that placed in the derby 9th & 11th.  I am the short guy between the 2 Fish. I can hardly wait to use my new Cannon power down riggers in the 08 derby.
  9    Kyle L Hall           Soldotna   Holiday Five    22.76    $1,702.00
10    Floyd Newkirk    Homer       Wet Dream       21.26    $851.00
11    Keith Snarey      Soldotna    Holiday Five   20.56     Merchandise
Their Were Some Really Big Sticks
Fishing This Derby
Larry Zonka Promoter of His Own TV Show

North to Alaska

Fishing on The Huntress got 15 place

The Crew of
The Holiday Five at The

Derby Podium For Our Moment in The Sun

Placing 9th & 11th

Ain't too Damn Bad

Looks Like My Beard Grew Six Inches

From Telling Fish Stories
Lets Hold This Fish Up
One More time

For The Third Week In
March It Was

Pretty Damn Nice
The Top Notch Crew And Catch
Fish, Eat, Fish, Sleep, Fish, Repeat.......
The Winter King Salmon Derby
Saturday, March 22, Homer, Alaska

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