Alaska's Kenai Peninsula Fishing At Our Homestead Trophy Lodge

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Our physical address is Mile Marker 6.1 on The Kenai Spur Highway @ 45813 Bound Brook Drive Kenai, Alaska 99611

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Deposits Can Be Sent To Our Mailing Address

A $500 deposit is required to secure your reservation. Balance of fees due is required on arrival at Our Homestead Trophy Lodge for your scheduled activities.

Reservations accepted on a first come, first served basis. If cancellation becomes necessary, Kenai Peninsula Fishing requires an actual receipt of written notification sixty (60) days prior to scheduled activity in order to refund deposit. Less than 60 days will result in forfeiture of deposit unless we can rebook your dates. Tendering of deposit constitutes agreement to these provisions. In the event of any dispute arising from or relating to reservations, cancellations, or the charter or associated services, client agrees that venue shall be in Kenai, Alaska.

Limits of Liability: All clients of Kenai Peninsula Fishing, including all members of the intended Fishing party and their families, specifically recognize that sport Fishing may be a hazardous activity, assume all risk of damage or injury and stipulate that Kenai Peninsula Fishing and its agents, employees, contractors, etc. shall not be liable for any damages which are not the direct result of Kenai Peninsula Fishing's negligence, including without limitation, negligent or intentional acts of omission by other parties, accidents, fire, acts of God or other forces of nature, theft, loss of equipment or any other acts beyond Kenai Peninsula Fishing's control.

Prices quoted are per angler/per excursion based on a two angler minimum. Fees do not include an additional 6% Borough Sales Tax. Reservations accepted on first come, first served basis. King salmon half day power boat activities are 5.5 hours in duration. All other charters are a minimum of 8 hours Fishing time. Fish cleaning and/or filleting is included in fees. Fish processing (vacuum sealing, smoking, freezing, storage, etc.) and shipping is not. This can be accomplished by any one of several local businesses that provide this service. I highly recommend and refer my clientele to Ed's Kasilof Seafood's.

After processing this Reservation Request, Kenai Peninsula Fishing will return written confirmation, to the addressee, acknowledging receipt of reservation deposit.

I have read and agree to the above stipulations:

Itineraries including Fishing charters, lodging and Fish processing can be customized to fit your specifications.

Sport Fishing License

A sport Fishing license is required annually and must be in possession of all persons 16 years of age and older while sport Fishing and digging razor clams. A  nontransferable harvest record is required and must be in the possession of each person sport Fishing for King Salmon and/or Rainbow Trout. For licensed anglers, the harvest record is printed on the reverse side of the anglers sport Fishing license. Anglers not required to be licensed, those under the age of sixteen and resident anglers 60 years of age and older, will be issued a harvest record card. Anglers fishing for King Salmon will be required to purchase an additional stamp, which will be affixed to the license or harvest record. When purchasing your Alaska Sport Fishing License, be sure to ask vendor for appropriate harvest record cards and/or King Salmon stamps as needed. Alaska Sport Fishing Licenses can be purchased online.

License Fees

1 day
3 day
7 day
14 day


Non Resident
King Salmon Stamp


Fishing licenses are sold 24 hours a day in almost every quick stop or grocery store in Alaska.

Fishing Bag Limits

King Salmon

Red Salmon

Silver Salmon

Rainbow Trout

Dolly Varden

One (1) per day. Five (5) per season of which no more than two (2) may be harvested from the Kenai River. Upon harvesting a King Salmon from the Kenai River, anglers are prohibited from Fishing for any species, from a boat, for the remainder of that day.

Three (3) per day. No seasonal limit

Two (2) per day. Upon harvesting a second Silver Salmon from the Lower Kenai River, anglers are prohibited from Fishing for any species for the remainder of that day.  No seasonal limit.

We recommend Catch & Release so you can hook them again when you return

We recommend Catch & Release so you can hook them again when you return

Two (2) per day. No seasonal limit
Pertinent Information

The Kenai River King Salmon Fishery is closed to all boat Fishing on Mondays from May 1st  through July 31st except for Memorial Day.The Kenai River King Salmon Fishery is closed to all guided boat Fishing on Sundays beginning May 1st through July 31st.
You are still allowed to use a boat to move to bank Fishing locations to Fish for Salmon when the Salmon Fishery is closed to all Fishing from a boat.

The Kenai National Wildlife Refuge (Upper Kenai River Trophy Trout Fishery) is closed to all guided sport Fishing on Sundays during the month of July.

Below Skilak Lake, guided sport Fishing activities from a boat are permitted between the hours of 6:00 AM. and 6:00 PM. during the months of May, June and July.  August, September & October the river is open 24 hours a day but Fishing for Silver Salmon from a guide boat is prohibited on Mondays.

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game manages all the Salmon Fisheries by criteria outlined in each Fisheries Management Plan. ADF&G can implement time, area, method and/or limit restrictions or if warranted, outright closures, if successful achievement of established escapement goals are threatened. Kenai Peninsula Fishing is not liable in the event that restrictions are implemented. Kenai Peninsula Fishing does have the required permits, capability and versatility to participate in several of the Kenai Peninsulas various Fisheries to insure that our clientele has the opportunity to Fish for the species of their choice.

Kenai Peninsula Fishing retains ALL King Salmon roe for use in future operations as bait.

Provided Equipment/Tackle

Kenai Peninsula Fishing provides all the equipment needed to do battle with the denizens of the deep you are likely to encounter. Salt-water anglers utilize Penn Tuna Sticks and Penn Senator Reels in their tug of war with Alaska’s deep-water delicacy. The Halibut. King Salmon sport Fishing enthusiasts in both salt and fresh water are outfitted with graphite rods manufactured by Loomis or Lamiglas complimented with level wind reels from Shimano. The smooth, dependable drag system provided by Shimano's Calcutta and Triton series of reels are of great importance when encountering the tackle busting King and Silver Salmon prevalent in the Kenai and Kasilof rivers. Anglers can spin or bait cast for Red and/or Silver Salmon, Trout and Char utilizing graphite rods from G Loomis or Lamiglas outfitted with Shimano  reels to provide light tackle excitement. On all guided excursions terminal tackle and/or bait is provided.

It is recommended that you bring a full packed picnic basket, after all we are going to be Fishing all day and Alaskan summer days are gloriously long.

Since 1988 Kenai Peninsula Fishing has been trolling, mooching, back trolling and back bouncing for tackle busting King Salmon, spin casting for acrobatic Silver Salmon and fly casting for lunker Rainbow Trout on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Kenai Peninsula Fishing, clients have been outfitted with the best equipment available to the sport Fishing industry to insure that their encounters with Alaska’s legendary Fish are successful and memorable.

Clients Bring

Weather on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula is unpredictable. Temperatures range from 40 degrees to mid 70 degrees. Cloudless nights can produce A.M. temps around freezing May into June (I have Fished in single digits in mid-September on rare occasion). Layered clothing is preferred. Long underwear, sweaters, fleece, wool (or equivalent) socks, gloves and cap, rubber knee-high boots, etc. are highly recommended. Precipitation is always a possibility. Adequate rain gear, both jacket and pants, is a must. Cameras and/or video recorders with plenty of film and battery power are encouraged. All boats have plenty of dry storage so clients are encouraged to bring anything that will make their excursion more comfortable and enjoyable. Other than snack items we provide while Fishing, one's lunch is the responsibility of each client.

Because our season is short, many dates become filled long in advance.
For the best selection of accommodations and fishing dates,
we recommend you make your reservations early.

Since 1988 Kenai Peninsula Fishing. has assisted Alaska visitors in planning professionally guided  fishing adventures to the Kenai Peninsula.  All charters include all of the finest fishing equipment, bait, and expertise needed to experience Kenai Peninsula Fishing. We are very particular about the equipment we use and you should expect nothing but the best. All of our boats are clean, and comfortable. On the rivers, we use both 20-foot power and drift boats that are custom designed for the water we fish. Both vessels comfortably accommodate four passengers.  Saltwater fishing charters accommodate up to six passengers. Once aboard you will see only top of the line fishing equipment.

During King Salmon Season on the Kenai, we offer both full and half day fishing trips.  Guides on the Kenai are restricted to fishing between the hours of 6:00 AM and 6:00 PM in May, June and July. Accordingly, we begin in the morning at 5:30 AM. Full day trips allow for 10-12 hours of fishing time, typically from 6 AM to 4 PM. We also offer two half day trips daily, one in the morning from 5:30 AM to 11:30 AM and an afternoon trip from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. While there are a number of days when a half day trip offers ample opportunity at catching a Kenai King, a full day trip does afford you additional flexibility as you have the boat for the entire day

Important Trip Planning Information - Soldotna / Kenai is a small fishing community but offers everything you could need.  Soldotna is located in the heart of the Kenai Peninsula and offers fine shops, large grocery stores, excellent restaurants and gift shops all with reasonable prices.  Because we do not serve lunch and dinner meals many of our guests will go into Soldotna for groceries for packing lunches and then into Soldotna each evening for a nice sit down meal.  You do not need to leave the homestead, as many do all their cooking in the cabins and relax by the fire and enjoy the evening   Rental cars are a must, as you will need then for shopping, sightseeing and meeting the boats in different areas. 

Bag Limits on the Kenai Peninsula:  Five king salmon; two on the Kenai and three elsewhere on the Peninsula's rivers or ocean, but only one king salmon per day. Two halibut daily. Three sockeye and six pink salmon daily. Two silver salmon daily and three silver salmon in Seward during July/August plus one Ling Cod over 36", one Yellow Eye Rockfish and five Rockfish.  60 razor clams daily. You can leave Alaska with all your fish!

Processing your catch:  We do not offer processing based on time and quality limitations.  Fish processing (cutting, wrapping, canning, freezing, smoking) is available in the Soldotna area. We have discovered that your fish will taste much better if it is professionally packaged and flash frozen.  By being professionally vacuum packed your fish will stay much better while being stored in your freezer. The processor that we use has freezers that will flash freeze your catch; which combats a loss of freshness due to slow freezing. The cost is about a$1.00 a pound.  Of course we will fillet your catch at no charge and will deliver it to the processor if you would like. Doing this will save you some considerable money based on the fact that they charge you per pound for fish arriving from the river. It is estimated that after a fish is cleaned it will lose nearly 50% of its weight.

Packages do not include: Airfare – Ground Transportation – Lunch and Dinner Meals – Fishing Licenses – Items of Personal Nature – Tips – Local Sales Tax – Fish Vacuum Seal Processing - Airfreight charges for fish boxes
Deposit Policy:  We require a $500.00 deposit on all reservations within 14 days, with balance due upon arrival at our Homestead Trophy Lodge. Written notice of confirmation will be sent when deposit is received.

Cancellation policy: A $100.00 cancellation fee is charged per person for any cancellation.  We require a written notice of cancellation.  For cancellations received less than 90 days prior to arrival, the following cancellation charges will apply.  90-61 days cancellation charge is 50% of the total cost.  60 days to the day of departure the cancellation charge is 100% of the total cost.  Non-appearance will result in no refunds.  No refunds on early departures and missed trips.  If possible we will try to fill your spot and return the deposit.  We recommend travel insurance! 

Disclaimer of Liability: Kenai Peninsula Fishing reserves the right to makes changes for the safety and proper handling of clients. We are always aware of safety, however outdoor activities of this nature is not risk free. At times trip in the ocean will be canceled due to weather. Kenai Peninsula Fishing reserves the right to substitute these trips. We do not assume responsibility for injury to clients, personal belongings or for time and expense incurred. Upon making the deposit to Kenai Peninsula Fishing the depositor agrees to be bound by all of the above stated terms and conditions. Prices are subject to change.

Directions to the Homestead Trophy Lodge:

When you leave the airport you will be heading east on International Airport Road. You will go through the first intersection at
Jewel Lake Road.

Next you will come to an overpass and you need to turn right heading south on Minnesota Blvd. Minnesota Blvd. will turn into O'Malley Road.

Follow O'Malley to the NEW Seward Hwy (not the Old Seward Hwy). Turn right onto the New Seward Hwy heading south.

After leaving Anchorage you will follow the Seward Hwy south for approximately 80 miles where there is a turnoff. You will turn right onto the Sterling Hwy going to Soldotna, Kenai, and Homer.

Follow the Sterling Hwy approximately 70 miles to Soldotna.

When you come into Soldotna you will go through the first traffic light at Fred Meyers. After going through the light you will take your next right onto the Spur Hwy.

Follow the Spur Hwy about 6 miles. You will go buy a  convenience store called the One Stop. Shortly after that you will see Dogwood Street then N. Fern Street on the right hand side. Our driveway is right after N. Fern Street on the right hand side. Follow the driveway about a quarter of a mile and it ends at the house.

Our physical address is Mile Marker 6.1 on The Kenai Spur Highway @ 45813 Bound Brook Drive Kenai, Alaska 99611
Quite a long number for being the only home on our own street.

(907) 283-2665 Homestead Trophy Lodge
(907) 283-1972 Steve's Office #
(907) 252-1763 Steve's Cell #

Drive safely, See ya soon!!!!!

Steve and Cathy

Here is a www. on Goggle Earth to view Our Homestead in Alaska from space.

Directions to the Homestead Trophy Lodge using Goggle Earth:

Go to - view - full screen - & X out the file on the left.

Spin the Earth & stop & center it on Alaska.

At the bottom of Alaska go to the Kenai Peninsula.
Keep clicking on the Kenai Wildlife Refuge & then for Kenai - Soldotna.
We are halfway between Soldotna & Kenai on Beaver Creek,

Grab the map by holding down the clicker & dragging your viewing screen to the center before Zooming in.

Just above the third high loop on the Kenai River is the Spur Hwy. 
Follow the Spur Hwy up & left to the first intersection.
Our road is one street back & to the right of the creek.  Bound Brook Dr.
Follow our Driveway into the Homestead & zoom in on the cabins.

You can follow Beaver Creek back to The Kenai River.  Go upstream to The Big Eddy mile 14. 
You can see us Fishing in the boat with a FISH ON out in front of our Kenai River cabin.
You have to pay Google their $20 to zoom in any closer to see what color plug we are using.

Now zoom back out & see if you can find your house......

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Kenai River Cell  (907) 252-1763